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"How to Find the Right Haircut for Your Face Shape"

Updated: Jun 27

Choosing the perfect haircut for your face shape can make a significant difference in how you look and feel. Let’s dive into the basics:

  1. Oval Face Shape:

  1. Square Face Shape:

  1. Round Face Shape:

  1. Heart-Shaped Face:

  • Characteristics: Wider forehead, pointed chin.

  • Best Cuts: Balance with volume at the chin or soft layers. Avoid heavy, full bangs2.

  1. Oblong/Rectangle Face Shape:

  1. Diamond Face Shape:

  • Characteristics: High cheekbones, narrow forehead, pointy chin.

  • Best Cuts: Highlight cheekbones with layers or textured styles. Avoid heavy, blunt cuts1.

! Let's not forget about the gentlemen. Here are some hairstyle tips based on face shapes for men:

1. Oval Face Shape:

- Lucky you! Almost any hairstyle works well for oval faces. Consider a classic crew cut, textured quiff, or even longer styles.

2. Square Face Shape:

- Soften those angles with layered cuts or a side-swept fringe. Pompadours and messy styles are great choices.

3. Round Face Shape:

- Add height and angles to elongate the face. Try a faux hawk, spiky hair, or a well-defined side part.

4. Heart-Shaped Face:

- Balance the wider forehead with volume at the chin. Opt for textured crops, messy fringes, or slicked-back looks.

5. Oblong/Rectangle Face Shape:

- Add width with medium-length styles. Consider a side-parted undercut or a textured crop.

6. Diamond Face Shape:

- Highlight those cheekbones with textured quiffs, messy styles, or slicked-back hair. Avoid heavy bangs.

Remember, gentlemen, confidence is the best accessory! 😊👔💈 .

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