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Is it time for a change?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

You may be contemplating change. But,is it time for a change ? Change is great and can open your world to many awesome opportunities . When you look great, you feel great. Maybe that change is is just what you needed. Change does not have to mean losing length or drastically changing color . It can be as simple as changing your layering pattern or adding a few face framing highlights. You could make a huge difference with adding a curtain frindge or just changing up the tone . Whether big or small a change can make a huge impact. As a Hairdresser, I love change, but I also know that sometimes less is more. So before I say yes, here is some things to consider-

Why do you want this change ?

Although you may think of your hairdresser as a therapist, the only licensed therapy they should be doing is on your hair. If your hair change decision is due to a recent break up or emotional event . Maybe consider a blowout or conditioning treatment and give your hair a break and a fresh start. Then if you still want The change remember don't take it out on your hair. Think small and gradual. And no buyers remorse. And remember to be kind to your hairdresser we're just trying to help you achieve whatever your heart desires.

Are you ok with multiple salon visits to achieve your look?

Although anything is possible sometimes it takes multiple times visiting a salon to achieve your final look . So be patient.

How much time are you willing to spend each day styling your new hair ?

A new style or color may mean more time in your morning routine. Not always, sometimes it can make your life more simple, even easier.

Are you willing to use product to support this change?

Hairdressers don't use product just because. We use product to support each and every style that we create. Without the right product it makes every style harder to achieve. You may be afraid of product because of a previous experience, but don't allow fear to keep you from the hair you have always wanted.

Do you have the tools required to style this change?

Some some styles require styling tools, such as round brushes, curling irons, or a flat iron. Most are going to require a blow dryer. Nowadays, there are many tools out there to help you achieve such styles . Your hairdresser might not use these tools for a number of reasons. Their training or what their preferences are play a big part . However, it doesn't always mean that they are right fit for your use ,discuss this with your hairdresser. They want you to be able to achieve the look over and over again. And keep coming back.

Are you willing to add the cost of treatments during and between services?

When it comes to change of color or style, sometimes treatments to keep the hair and its best condition are required. This may add cost and time but ,in the end the result is priceless. Maintaining the health of the hair is our number one desire as a Hairdresser. Healthy hair is only possible if you do your part.

Things to ask your hairdresser during consultation -

Is it possible with my hair type?

What is the upkeep and price of this change ?

How many visits to the salon will it take to achieve ?

How much time will I have to spend styling each day?

What product will I have to use?

Don't be afraid to ask for a step by step styling lesson?

So is it time for a change?

I say yes ,if you , have taken the time to really think about it and after reading this blog ,you still want it . Remember pictures are always a good idea so you and your hairdresser speak the same language and can understand your desired finished look . Choose a few pictures not a whole album and remember pictures of what you don't like help as well . Change can be exciting at Salon Perspective we love change and we would love to change your perspective of what your hair can be.

Choosing the right pictures can be difficult so to help you out. Stay tune to our next blog on choosing the right pictures to show your your hairdresser!

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