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when times get tough , we get stronger.

A few years ago i was feeling on top of the world watching the reality of my dreams come true. Getting a chance to create a salon environment that was not only welcoming but, also made you excited to come and, stay for while . Every element from lighting to interior design carefully considered , with one goal in mind , change the view of the client salon experience.

Streamlining the service experience from booking to checkout, giving access to the top sustainable vegan brands from around the world . Creating a simple convient ShopNow ecommerce experienece , for the first time clients could get the discounts they couldn’t get a elsewhere . Adding in the latest advances in skin and hair health . Completely changing the views of what hair and skin could be. Hence the name Perspective came about .

Like the tale of “THE HANGMAN” some times we are lost unable to find our way or what we’re looking for , and it is not until we finally take the the time and look from a new perspective or put ourselves in someone eles’s shoes, that we discover what we have been looking for. With that Salon Perspective was born. I wanted to give back to the staff and show that they were appreciated. Fairly compensated and giving them a reason to stay ,while supplying building blocks for a stable future.

I had 20 years plus of salon experience , (mostly of what not to do). With my creative mind passion and drive, what could go wrong? Well …..everything!

No one could predict what was just around the corner. The world stopped . For some fear set in and for others it gave them the time needed to appreciate life and time with family . With loss of loved ones , some would have to learn to grieve before they had a chance to even learn to read.

For the small businesses that had to close and deal with restrictions we went into survival mode . Many desicions had to be made and quickly . For those businesses that survived to this point congrats . All the blood sweat and tears …… lots of tears ! All somehow seem worth it . Especially when the clients that have invested in our lives leave beautiful and with a smile feeling fantastic in this forever changed world.

The reality of losing everything i worked for was not far off. And even with my horrible eye sight , and my now multi focal lenses off …..LOL!! I could see ,feel ,breathe and, taste ….the reality . Determined I have turned every stress, struggle, pain and, success into my driving force to get back to the original goal of changing the view of the client salon experience.

I realize that getting your hair done in a salon is a luxury and i have such gratitude for every client that sits in our chairs and values our art and time . FOR THAT I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL THAT HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO MY DREAM. TO OUR DREAMS AND TO OUR LIFE. The Salon Perspective STYLIST'S, my family are more than i could of dreamed of . Im honored to have had this opportunity to work with such a great team and to lead them to wonderful things in life . There comes a time when the unexpected catches up and, with the increase of the product and supplies needed all funds began to disappear . Leading to this moment . We need your help . we are trying to raise funds to be ABLE TO continue this journey with you .

What you can do to help?

Book an appointment at Google or Book Now at

Add a service like a Hydra Facial or Smoothing Treatment

Buy your products on our website click Shop Now

Donate directly on our Venmo Business Profile .

Each tier will receive a gift and one lucky platinum tier client will receive a years worth of services


Platinum- $1000 25% off services and complimentary conditioning treatments and a chance to to win a years worth of services

Blonde $500 25% off services and complimentary conditioning treatments for a year.

Red $100 10% off services for a year

Black $50 5% off services for a year

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